Friday, April 18, 2014

In Abundance...

We have a number of things in abundance right now!

Reams of paper
Have a little life on them, but great for hauling out materials.

Lots of beautiful new fabric pieces.

This paper is great for finger painting!

Lots of wall paper samples

enough frames for your classroom!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Material Update 4/12/14

We have easel white boards in stock in the treasure chest! $20

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Beads, Workshops, Treasure Chest


We have lots of inventory in our shop - come on by! Every dollar goes towards keeping the truck on the road!

We have lots more in stock too! 

Beads- For Members ONLY in the free store - This is a selection that our good friend Bobby Brown took home today!


Speaking of Bobby Brown, join us for our first workshop with Bobby Brown on  Saturday, May 3rd. 10am - noon. $15 (members receive a 10% discount), children ages 5+ and adults.  Recommended for educators. Preregistration preferred. Limited space. Email to reserve your space today!

Junk Yard Art: An Interactive Workshop with Bobby Brown

At this hands-on workshop, participants will explore and discover creative ways to use recycle materials and other found objects to create 3d sculpture and assemblages. Explore and discover the possibilities available with a variety of materials, including plastics, wood, fabric, wire, foam and more. Bobby’s approach inspires participants to relax, play, experiment and expand their possibilities in creating art.




$50 - like new!


craft tables $50


film reels THIS WEEK - 2/$10

Large frames - $10

Grabage Barrels- $10

All Dishes - Must Go - $2

Totes - $3 - have more in stock - rubbermaid, etc.

Sturdy portfolios - $5

Metal vases

ceramic vases

smaller frames- $5

Friday, March 21, 2014

Materials, Saturday Special, Limited Items Now for Members Only!


beautiful fabric books
This week's Saturday Special - Free Visit for "Members Only" - Tile and Glass! No visit necessary!

As always, free Saturday visits are for members at the $60, $95 or organizational level only.

dvd's and books
Take away as much tile or glass as you need, just weigh it in and let us know how much you are taking!

glass samples
Non-members are more than welcome to come and shop for tile and glass this weekend at $.25 per pound!

Also, starting this weekend - all limited items are for members only!

Memberships are what keep us afloat. It pays to be a member!

Already registered as a day shopper? You can apply your $5 registration fee to your membership!




Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Material Update

       Hello! Thanks for checking in with the blog today!
       This winter was pretty rough on us for missed revenue with
snow closings. There's no way to sugar coat this season's impact on the business community, including our non-profit.

        Our annual operating fund is supported only in part by our membership fees. Members receive a whopping 97% discount on their material costs every year and we would love to be able to continue our services to our members at this level, however, in order to do so, we must rely on the generosity of those who support our mission.

      In the past six months, we have made major strides and would love to keep moving in a forward
      Every dollar counts. Every. Single. One. Please, give what you can to help us keep helping teachers, artists, families, the environment, and you. We are in need of funds this month to keep our truck on the road and greatly appreciate your generosity.

Donating is easy. 
You can go to the donation page on our website here,

you can mail a check to:

Extras for Creative Reuse
20 Wheeler Street, Suite 302
Lynn, MA 01902


You can call us at 781-599-9939 and make a donation over the phone!